Bridge Art Fair was located down the street from Scope and Art Miami. I saw a LOT of taxadermied animals here, as well as work by several Baltimore artists.

This is me and Catronia Fraser who runs the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda, MD. This is the space where the Bethesda Painting Awards happens, and the Trawick has, in the past.

More taxidermy! Two twin unborn deer. This is a piece by Peregrine Hoenig. I don’t know whether to pet them or throw up. Luckily they are under glass.
Three works by Soledad Salame at the Virginia Miller Gallery above and below…

Zoe and a painting of a sandwich with a baby on it. I liked it. And below, not your usual Barbies.

Paintings below by Albert Schweitzer, another notable Baltimore artist.

Quilted bunny?

Being part of the press has it’s privelages sometimes …
By the end of the day we had so many bags, catalogues, and pamphlets that consolidation was a necessity. Ouch my aching feet and shoulders…

Me with taxidermied horses wearing garter belts.

The walk from Bridge to the Red Dot fair.

The neon sign read “When life gives you lemonade add vodka.” This was the warehouse – an unfinished space filled and curated by folks from the Whitney.