Next, on Tuesday night we headed over to the VIP Art Preview Party at Art Miami.

This is me with a Karen Davie painting. They always look the same, but I kinda like them.

We definitely did play the ‘count the Obamas’ game and, after visiting 5 fairs, I think the count was somewhere around twenty. This one was the first, though.

Art Miami was a solid, blue chip fair, but was also kind of disappointingly staid. Gray carpet just does not do it for me, either! There were lots of Warhols, Diebenkorns, and Thiebauds, but something was missing. There is a certain degree of edginess that makes art viewing exciting and fun. There were bits and pieces, but overall, it just wasn’t here.

Fellow Baltimoreans Seth Adelsberger and Alex Ebstein! Yay! A yummy jelly doughnut painting below.

I loved these Warhol shoes and butterflies in spite of my self. At just $20 g’s, they were kind of a steal.

Cy Twombly scribble drawing above.

If I had the dough, I would have bought the Diebenkorn drawing, above, and the Rauschenberg transfer drawing below. This is probably why artists are personas non gratis at art fairs. We ogle, but don’t usually buy.

The Randall Scott Gallery booth above.

And fun rollerskates! I liked these.

The Video Lounge Area of the Fair – all special projects – videos, projected in their own viewing areas.

The Silver Chair?

I fell in love with this mixed media painting on paper (on board) by Reed Danziger.