McCain and his campaign can see the future a day in advance! WOW! The McCain campaign declared victory in the first debate … amazingly, one whole day before the debate occurred. This ad was released on THURSDAY, Sept. 26 in the Wall Street Journal online. He is Truly Remarkable! God bless!

More incredible, the announcement occurred during that day when his campaign was ‘on hold’ so he could do a one-on-one with Katie Couric, go out to dinner in NY, AND also save the economy! At this time, he wasn’t even sure he was going to show up for the debate because he was so busy. How great is that? Nobody knew if he was going to show up, but his psychic multi-tasking powers KNEW he was gonna win anyway! He is truly a national treasure and we definitely NEED a psychic president to deal with, like, Russia and terrorists and the economic turmoil. YES! You can read the Washington Post dot com if you don’t believe me.

Regrettably, McCain admits that he does not believe that humans and dinosaurs walked the earth together 6000 years ago, so I guess his psychic powers do not extend to history. His running mate can see into the past, though, so they’ve got it all covered. It is Truly Amazing. God Bless!