All Faiths Beautiful: October 6, 2007 – August 31, 2008

“Be it deeply personal, a work in progress, a torment or a blessing – what we believe and especially what we don’t is our most precious life-shaping, human experience. Freedom to express that personal belief is central to any notion of liberty.”


Monday • January 21 • 10AM-6PM: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! (A FREE day at AVAM!) American Visionary Art Museum invites you to celebrate the life and dreams of one of America’s great visionaries Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, January 21, 2008. In his honor, admission is FREE TO ALL. As we do every year, the museum extends a special invitation to all of America’s educators (including our teachers, school maintenance staff, bus drivers, school administrators, etc.)—those who empower our children with fresh ways of seeing, thinking, and understanding. SPECIAL PROGRAMMING THROUGHOUT. Contact the museum for scheduling information: 410.244.1900